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How to Make Your Brand Come Alive!

Make Your Brand Come Alive!

So, you’ve created a brand. Let’s assume it’s a real estate brand.  You put in on your website, your yard signs, and your personal brochure.  Now, you need to make your brand come alive!

If you’ve developed a brand that truly represents who you are and how you conduct your business, you should easily be able to incorporate your brand into your everyday life.  A good place to start is to develop a brief introduction of your brand that can be used even in casual conversations.

Let’s say you meet an acquaintance you haven’t seen for a while in the grocery store.  Your friend asks you what you’re doing for a living.  Your knee-jerk reaction might be to say “I’m selling houses” or “I’m a real estate agent.”  Needless to say, neither of those responses does a very good job of explaining what you really do.

But, let’s say that your brand name is Sound Real Estate Solutions, and your key competitive strengths are using your expertise to find money-making investment properties for investors, and helping families make the most of their real estate investment.

Make your brand come aliveWith that in mind, your conversation with your friend might go something like this:

Friend: So, what are you up to these days?

You:   I’m helping folks find sound real estate solutions.

Friend:  (laughing) You’re doing what??

You: I’ve established a real estate practice that focuses on making sure that families find a house they really like, but also one that will be a good investment for them when they want to sell.  I also do quite a bit of work with investors.

Friend: Really….. how do you know if a home is going to be a good investment?

And, the conversation can go on from there, with you explaining more about your area of expertise.

Sound doable?  Maybe not right away.  Some people feel silly.  You need to practice your introduction until you have it down so well you could say it in your sleep.  Then, practice with friends and relatives.

Most people only feel silly until they try it the first time and it works!  Rather than your “audience” running in the other direction because they’re afraid you’re going to ask them which of their friends is thinking about selling their home, you’ll have the opportunity to start a real conversation.

Don’t treat your brand like a symbol  — make your brand come alive!


Introducing the GIWI Small Business Marketing Blog

Hello, and Welcome
to the New Getting It Write Small Business Marketing Blog!


Small businesses need to have a good story to tell, and they need to know who to tell it to and how. This small business marketing blog will address all of those issues.

Before You Start Developing Your Marketing Strategy

You can’t sell something if you can’t describe it! So, whether you are marketing a product or service, you need to have a story to tell. And, you need to know who you’re telling it to. The minimum requirements for a marketing strategy include:

  • A clear definition of your brand. Figure out how to describe what you’re selling and why someone should buy from you as opposed to one of your competitors.
  • Buyer Personas. Sure, you know who you’re selling to, but you need to take the time to write down descriptions of the different types of buyers you want to attract. Once you have that in writing, determining how to communicate most effectively with your prospects will be easy.
  • Buyer Journey. There’s an easy way to define a buyer journey. This will create a roadmap you can follow to plan communications for each step in the process.

Once you have your marketing message and have identified your buyers, you’re ready to plan which marketing tools you’re going to use. This blog will address both of those issues!