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  • Need new ideas to jump start your marketing?

    • Need new marketing strategies?
    • Need to increase your revenue growth?
    • Need more customers?
    • Need a better story to beat your competitors?

    Kathleen Allardyce is a B2B freelance writer who offers:

    • A business background in consulting, marketing and sales with small businesses up to Fortune 500 companies – it gives her the insight to understand how all areas of a company need to work together to be successful
    • Finely-tuned ability to put herself in your prospects’ shoes to craft clear and compelling content that encourages action
    • Over 10 years of experience
    • Named to SoftwareWorld’s “50 Best B2B SaaS Freelance Writers

    Client Feedback

    “Kathleen has one of the sharpest pencils and the keenest eye that I have found for creating compelling press release content. Her focus and creativity stand out in the crowd.”

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