Warning: Reading This Blog Post May Destroy Your Brand

Small Business Branding ServicesDo you have a brand?

To answer that question, many small business people point to their logo and say, “Yes, I brand my company in all the marketing I do.”

There’s one problem with that response.  Your logo isn’t your brand.

Another common answer to that question among small business people is, “No, but I’m working on a tag line.”  Unfortunately, a catchy tag line does nothing to brand your company or strengthen your competitive position unless it clarifies your competitive edge.

Sound like a crazy idea?  Let’s test it out.  What comes to mind when you think about Kmart®?  Pier 1®?  McDonald’s®?  Outback Steakhouse®?

If you’re like most people, you have a very definite mental image that comes to mind when you think of each of those companies.  Now, consider this:

  • Would your mental image change if Kmart® had a big green K on their building instead of a big red K?
  • Would your mental image change if Pier 1® was displayed as Pier One?
  • Would your mental image change if the McDonald’s® golden arches were red?

The point is that a brand is only represented by a logo.  The perception of a company is the company’s brand.

Effective branding is the result of a lot of hard work by the company’s executives to define a brand identity, and to burn that identity into the minds of their customers.

So, the moral of the story is:  Don’t just focus on which typestyle you should use to ensure that your logo projects stability, or which tagline makes the best play on your last name.

Take the time to brand your small company.  Identify your unique sales proposition, your most competitive strengths in the industry, and the mental image you want to create when your prospects see your logo.  Make the definition of your brand the story you sell, using your logo to trigger recognition in your prospect’s mind.

If you’d like assistance in branding your company, let’s talk about an approach.  Call 888-716-2418 or send an email.


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