Small Business Services

Small Business Services

In addition to writing, we provide marketing services
to real estate agents, brokers and other small business owners.


Marketing Materials:  Centralizing the Preparation of Print Materials

Working with separate copywriters, graphic designers and printers triples the time you must devote to producing the high-quality marketing pieces you need.

We make life much easier for our small business clients when we provide a one-stop service that includes copywriting, graphic design and printing to produce marketing collateral that builds your brand.

Websites:  Creating a Memorable Internet Presence

Our websites are a result of the combination of several disciplines: graphic design, website design, content marketing and SEO.  This balance is required for success; for example, the design doesn’t make navigation difficult, the SEO doesn’t make the content unintelligible, and so forth.

We use WordPress as the base for our websites.  WordPress is a de facto standard platform which is in no danger of becoming obsolete – there are lots of developers world-wide who work to keep everything up-to-date.  And, WordPress offers our clients the choice of maintaining the website themselves.

Branding:  Creating a Way for Small Businesses to Stand Out from the Crowd

If you’re running a small business, and you’re not satisfied with the way you are presenting your company to the marketplace, we can help by working with you to develop a brand.

If you’re running a small business, you probably know how difficult it is to find reliable, trustworthy and experienced professionals to support your business.  Having several related disciplines available in one place reduces your stress, saves time and produces far superior results.

Find out how we assist you.  Call today at 888-716-2418 or send an email.