Here’s What a Few of Many
Satisfied Clients Have to Say!


“Kathleen ‘tuned in’ to the specialized aspect of our business and delivered content that is original, informative, and professional. She identified our needs with thoroughness and care and created a product that keeps our clients educated while we do what we’re trained to do.  As a real estate broker, I don’t have the time or skills to portray/brand myself, products and services in an ever-changing internet platform.

If you’re serious about branding your business, staying current with what your clients are looking for, and excelling at what you do, I highly recommend you invest in the extraordinary services Kathleen provides.”

»Nobél Davis
Santa Fe Exclusives


“Kathleen has one of the sharpest pencils and the keenest eye that I have found for creating compelling press release content.  Her focus and creativity stand out in the crowd.”

»Teri Freeman


“GettingItWriteInc has surpassed all my expectations and hopes. Her attentiveness to the project was excellent and research thorough. She completely blew the doors off of the compressed timeline and delivered several days ahead of the looming deadline. There really is nothing that didn’t make working with GettingItWriteInc a complete pleasure.

If you have a copywriting job, look no further. Hire GettingItWriteInc now, and you’ll never have to worry again. I’m officially done looking for other freelance writers because everything I need, GettingItWriteInc has it, and has it in spades. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the excellent work. I really can’t say enough good things.”

» Tomasz Majewski
Marketing Consultant


“I thought Kathleen had a very good understanding of real estate, but she was an expert on general marketing.  Her broad base marketing knowledge really added quality to the site.  Kathleen had a true sense of customer commitment and really focused on what I wanted and not what she thought was best.  She was very attentive to hearing our preference and desires and worked hard to satisfy those needs.”

» Lisa & Judd Kassuba
RE/MAX Preferred Group


“Fantastic experience and delivered before the scheduled time…I would most definitely use GettingItWriteInc services again.”

» Rodney King
Crazy Monkey Defense


“In less than a week the website moved from nowhere on Google to page five.  A testament that proper key words and good content to support them does drive Google rankings.”

»  Bob Pisa

“Kathleen, I couldn’t be more pleased with the work you’ve done.  Everything is just the way I wanted it, especially the web site content.”

»  Russ Colomo
Colomo Realty

“Kathleen – You made it happen for me within my budget, within the time frame I wanted, without any compromise.”

»  Paul Balzotti
John L. Scott

“Kathleen exceeded our expectations in every way!  She was prompt in answering all my emails and had thorough explanations for every question I had.  The work was professional in every way.”

»  Carol O’Hanley
Coldwell Banker Parker Realty

“Kathleen was great at listening and great at responding with very detailed explanations … always answering my questions & offering other great suggestions too.  We got good value for our investment. She goes above & beyond with customer service and seems to always want to help.  She seems to really enjoy what she does, and really knows what she’s doing.”

»  Paulia Kennedy
The Kennedy Group


“It is a real pleasure to recommend true professionals, and in the case of Kathleen, she is the picture perfect model of a true professional with a heart.”

»  Peter Pfann
Fair Realty